Some additional thoughts on awakening and emotional healing

After re-reading what I wrote in the last post I wanted to clarify that not everyone ‘takes up’ spirituality as a distraction. But it does seem to at least start that way for many people based on my own experience and observations. Maybe pain is a necessary trigger to spark this awakening. People that never suffer have no reason to look beyond the dream, because who wants a pleasant dream to end?

Two things might happen once we begin to explore spirituality. Firstly, we might simply get caught up in a seemingly better, more ‘spiritual’ dream which is still ultimately just a dream. Or we might come to realise that the impulse to spiritually awaken isn’t simply about adopting new beliefs and practises, but is a spark of something deeper within us and part of a greater process, an impersonal universal unfolding of consciousness.

As long as we seek to get something out of spirituality, some benefit, whether it’s enlightenment or peace or freedom, then it’s likely the ego is hi-jacking the process. This is not a judgement, and it happens all the time and I catch myself doing it. Ultimately I perceive authentic spirituality as a great surrendering to the unfolding of the universe, a flowering within, around and beyond ‘us’…and one that cannot be forced or coerced. We can however create the space within us to invite it on and allow it to happen. Effortless effort.

The basic point I wanted to make below was that, for some at least, the process of awakening can be painful, uncomfortable or disorienting. The deeper we go, the more we have to confront all the psychological/emotional crap that’s been buried within us. The light of awareness highlights all the areas of darkness and makes it impossible to hide from them or ignore them any longer. It seems to draw this stuff to the surface like a poultice. We then have to confront layer after layer. This seems, at least to me, to be part of the process. Maybe it’s not a bad sign. Maybe it’s actually a very good one. It’s better that this stuff is dealt with rather than continually stuffed down and repressed.

To summarise the process I’ve found for dealing with these blocks and emotional issues. First, be aware of it. Feel it. Move into it, then beyond it. See what’s at the centre of it or beneath it. Keep going inward until you reach an open expanse of pure being, the energy/consciousness out of which the block has been formed. Rest in that. Be it. And then see what happens. I’ve found this very helpful myself and wanted to share it.



2 thoughts on “Some additional thoughts on awakening and emotional healing”

  1. great scott!!! two posts in two days :)bravo (applause…)yes good stuff.very good. the more suffering the better 🙂 ego will stop you 'til the bitter end. the missing technique is to move right up to the door… …then give up. whooooooosh! ego doesn't react that fast, and you are through. the master does not know who he is. he left who he thought he was at the gates of heaven.

  2. I know 2 posts in 2 days, I don't know what's come over me this month! LOLI really love that – move up to the door and then give up. I will remember that! 🙂

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