Hello there!

Welcome to the Dreamlight Fugitive blog…

Writing, art, creativity, publishing, inspiration, complete randomness — it all be here!

My name is Rory and I’m a 32 year old artist and writer from the north-east of Scotland. This blog will focus on all aspects of the creative life, but with a particular emphasis on writing and publishing. I have written two novels, the first two instalments of an epic fantasy/sci-fi saga tentatively titled ‘The Light of Alanar’ series. I look forward to sharing my adventures as I embark upon the road to becoming a published author. I’m really excited! The countdown has begun, and here you’ll find all the latest news and updates.

My new Dreamlight Fugitive website will soon be online, but in the meantime please check out my art website, Blue Star Art which features a range of digital artwork available to purchase as limited edition prints.

My journey as an artist…

From an early age I was highly creative and two of my greatest loves were creating art and writing stories. As I grew up, I went on to study fine art in higher education, before then graduating with a BA in social science. For a number of years I focused most of my creative energies on writing my first novel, “The Key of Alanar”. My visual art fell by the wayside, as I found I was struggling to express what I wanted to in ways that were exciting and interesting to me. It wasn’t until I gave up and set aside pretty much everything I’d ever been taught that I found a style and method of working that felt right to me.

I believe life is continually pushing us to grow, change and be more than we are, or at least more than we’ve allowed ourselves to be. The challenges of life, including a long stretch of bad health, have helped me find a creative vision and ignited my passion to use creativity as a means of elevating people’s mood and consciousness.

I write both fiction and non-fiction. I paint in oils, watercolour and acrylic ink as well as incorporating photography and digital technology. I like to cut things out and glue them back together. I make cards and calendars. I make music and am working on completing an ambient electronic album. I sometimes even write poems and songs.

In addition to my websites, this blog is a place I can share my work and my vision with others. I’m grateful you’ve stopped by and I hope you find something that interests or inspires you.


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