My artist statement

A lot of art is created to express or elicit certain emotions or thoughts. Whether I’m writing, creating visual art or music, my main intent is to explore and express the deeper, subtler aspects of reality. I try to point to the inherent beauty within and beyond all visible forms of life. I rarely just depict the outer form as perceived by the eyes, but try to express the energy behind it, the life force that animates and sustains it.

There is so much more to life than we can see with our eyes or perceive with our senses. I believe that everything is alive, interconnected and infused with a subtle life energy, without which nothing would have cohesion or life. My affinity with Eastern philosophy, such as the Tao Te Ching, Buddhism and nondualism has inspired and informed my work, as well as my approach to life.

A lot of the time we plod through life with our eyes closed, lost in a tangled web of thoughts and living life as little more than a conditioned reflex. It’s a lofty goal, but the intent of my work is to gently nudge people out of this state, encouraging them to see life with a new set of eyes and a fresh perspective.

We live in a society of excess, yet one of the few things we lack in excess, or in any great measure, is inspiration. I feel that art should redress that imbalance. Of course, art is created for many different reasons, all of which are valid in their own way. But personally I feel that if art isn’t inspiring then it is, by its own definition, uninspiring.

I like to express the beauty of life. No matter how much we plaster the planet in cement and cover it in neon lights, beneath the surface, beyond all the conflict and suffering we inflict on ourselves and others, life is a thing of beauty. And so too are we, because we are not separate from life. We are life…living itself, exploring, expressing and coming to know itself.


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