I’ll mainly be writing about writing on this blog, or visual art, but something else I’ve been working on the past couple of years is an ambient music album. I’m a huge music lover and particularly love electronic, ambient and downtempo music.

When I invested in a Macbook a couple of years ago, I decided to get Logic Express software along with it. Logic is an exceptionally powerful program and one that I believe is used by many (perhaps most?) of the top producers in the music industry. So far I’m probably only using it to about 5-10% of its capacity (the user manual isn’t that easy to understand for a simpleton like me), but I’ve been able to connect my keyboard, record music and master the basics. The tracks are still in the mixing stage and are liable to change, either a little or possibly quite a lot depending on how the mixing goes, but I’m still happy to present them here.

The music is inspired a great deal by 70s electronica, including Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, a little Jean Michel Jarre, but in particular Brian Eno. It’s all about atmosphere and emotion, subtle soundscapes, contrasting light and dark. To me, the music is part of a soundtrack to a film that exists nowhere other than my own head. The photography in the videos is also by yours truly. I’ve found the music is best listened to with quality headphones to enjoy the full effect (laptop speakers just don’t quite cut it with this type of music, where subtlety and nuance is everything). I hope you enjoy.


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