Creativity comes in waves


I think pretty much everything in life comes in waves. There are cycles governing everything from the rotation of planets, suns and galaxies, to the most minute atoms and sub-atomic particles in our bodies.

I’ve found that the creative tide rises and falls. There are times when I feel filled to bursting with new ideas and inspiration — and if I’m really lucky I’ll have the energy and time to explore and work with those ideas. Then there are other times when the tide is so far out it feels like a drought. These are the times when it’s important to realise that no matter how far out the tide might be, no matter how much you’re yearning to be back in the water, it will return again, as surely as the sun rises in the morning.

Expecting to feel inspired and creative at all times is a recipe for extreme and continual disappointment and frustration, because, simply, it’s impossible. A lot of the suffering in life comes from our own unrealistic expectations. Whether we want it to or not, the wheel of life always keeps turning. Each cycle has its high point and its low point, and it continues in unbroken succession. We can’t change that; we can only learn to live with it. Knowing where we are in the cycle can be very helpful, as can remembering that when we’re at our lowest ebb, things will soon start changing again. Indeed, things are constantly changing.

So when the tide’s out, instead of trying to force it back again (which is clearly a useless endeavour) why not stop, slow down, RELAX and enjoy the beach? Each part of the cycle has its advantages. Each moment has its own unique beauty.


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