Things that inspire me about this time of year

I love this time of the year and I don’t care who knows it!

The way I see it, life’s too short to be cynical. Now I know for many people the whole materialistic consumer craziness gets way out of hand — and that’s not what the season is about. As the world economy continues to flounder, and looks set to do so for the foreseeable future, maybe people will finally start to wake up to that. It’s not about what you give, or get, it’s about being a child again and regaining a little of that lost childhood innocence. Get out of the shopping mall and enjoy some of the following things that inspire me about Christmas-time:

I love snow. I don’t care what people say or how widely hated it is. I know it’s perilous for driving and whatnot, but it’s so damn beautiful! It brightens the darkness of winter and reflects light into the house.


(Above: the view outside my window last Christmas).

Snow is fun, festive and it inspires me. I love paintings of snow scenes (my friend Polly has recently created some gorgeous snow scene pics) and winter light. Winter light — another thing I love about mid-winter. The quality of the light changes and sunlight becomes a buttery-yellow hue. It can be sunny outside but you still somehow know its icy cold. Blue skies and winter sunshine: sublime.


Sparkly lights, tinsel, decorations, garlands, wreaths: I love it all. I adore Christmas trees (that’s my tree this year above). It totally brightens the winter gloom, and it can be VERY gloomy in this part of the world in the dead of Winter. Anything that brings a little brightness to the world is good in my book. I hate having to take trees and decorations down and getting back to humdrum ordinariness. Life isn’t meant to be ordinary. Every day should be a festivity. (Although yes, sometimes less is more!)

I really enjoy the traditions of Christmas that bring me right back to my childhood. Watching old Christmas films brings back a little of the joy of times gone by and creates joy in the here and now. Festive food – another big plus! I was on a strict elimination diet earlier in the year in which I could barely eat anything (I actually lost all interest in eating, which wasn’t good), but now that’s over I think I’ll enjoy my food even more this year.

Oh – one of the greatest things of all is when people actually endeavour to be a little kinder to their fellow human beings. We really shouldn’t need an excuse of course, for kindness ought to be our very nature, but anything that makes people a little more charitable, considerate and compassionate has to be good. As far as I’m concerned, kind is the new cool.

Whatever brings you joy this time of year, focus on that and forget the sticky web of consumer crap that most people get tangled in. As with life, Christmas is only what you make of it — nothing more, nothing less. Find something that brings you joy or inspires you and hold onto that. Make the moment special. Whatever you celebrate and whatever you get up to, have a great time and see you in the New year 🙂


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