Preparing to submit!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this, but I’m still here! I’ve been busy preparing my latest manuscript (my fantasy novel ‘Eladria’) for submission to a shortlist of literary agencies and publishers.

I went through this process a couple of years back with my first novel, and unfortunately didn’t get very far. I found it a frustrating, depressing and truly disheartening process. I heartily emphasise with what J.R.R. Tolkien reportedly said as he embarked on the road to publication: “I have now exposed my heart to be shot at.”


I learned a lot from the submission process the first time around: namely, to keep persevering and never take it personally (although if people are repeatedly telling you that your work is terrible, you’d probably best look into that! Fortunately, what feedback I did receive was positive, just unfortunately “not quite what we’re looking for”). I’d invested so much of myself in my first novel that each rejection slip was almost like a personal rejection. At times I almost lost faith in my work, and myself.

But a professional can’t afford to take such a view. It’s never personal: it’s just business. It’s the nature of the beast! My first novel was a little difficult to classify and even harder to succinctly convey in a couple of sentences or paragraphs. It’s still very close to my heart and although it wasn’t picked up by the agents or publishers I tried, it’s far from over and I still fully intend to get it out into the world in some way. Partly due to design, my second novel is a little easier to pitch, and has what I believe is an enticing sales hook.

I’ve spent days printing out sample chapters and refining the synopsis and query letter. I’m just about ready to cart it all down to the post office, send it off, and sit back and wait! This time, I have hopes, but no expectations, for now that I’m a bit older and wiser, I’ve detached myself from the process. It is just business and either they’ll will see the potential and want to take on the project, or I’ll find someone else to do it. Or I may even do it myself, which I think could actually be rather fun!

I’ll be sure keep you updated. There’s a new website in the works and some short stories I hope to publish online for free. The wheels are in motion 🙂


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