Just because

I’ve discovered that it’s important not to lose the fun in our endeavours. At the moment I’ve been busy submitting work, attempting to learn new skills and marketing strategies, editing and proofreading and figuring out how I’m going to publish certain books. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down by such things, by too much focus on oh-so-serious goals, results and the ongoing process of production. What started off as a joy can all too quickly become a monotonous drudge. The creative spark still yearns to express itself, but instead gets stifled and suffocated.

That’s why, last week, I allowed myself time to sit down and just paint. I had no idea what I was painting (that was part of the fun — and looking back at what I’ve did, I still have no idea! Just delicious abstract weirdness, I guess!). These paintings were for no one’s eyes but mine. Perhaps they might lead into something ‘sellable’, but that wasn’t my intention at all.

I just wanted to transport myself back to that state of mind I experienced when I was a child, where I simply painted, drew and wrote exactly what I wanted to, what I felt like doing, for no other reason than the sheer joy of it. It’s easy to lose that innocent, pure spontaneity of expression and creativity. I found it not only immensely enjoyable, but quite healing as well. A part of my soul felt renewed and refreshed; I felt alive again! That feeling of joy and aliveness is worth so much. All the goals we pursue and everything we do is basically motivated by wanting to feel good. But very often all we have to do to feel good in the moment, is to slow down, take a few deep breaths, feel the stillness inside and then do what our heart compels us to do. That’s where creativity thrives and amazing new ideas and born. If you don’t already, why not try it yourself?


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