Eladria: some advance reviews!

Really excited to post these, as they are amazing. And I didn’t have to bribe anyone, honest…! These are endorsements very kindly provided by two fellow authors:

“This guy knows how to write. I’ve had the privilege to review his work, and he’s going to be big. From page one he fully captured my imagination with vivid worlds and wonderful characters and settings. I particularly enjoy his character interplay and the emotional description and language that goes with it. A talent like this shouldn’t go unrecognised.” – Harrison Davies, author of The Aduramis Chronicles

“This story simply makes my heart sing as the meaning of human existence is brought to our attention in this beautiful, richly and intensely woven tale. The author takes us on the journey of a lifetime.” – Patricia Iris Kerins, Voice of the Magdalenes

The following are comments from independent advance readers. I was really nervous reading these, as these people don’t know me and had no reason to like my work, but I was very pleasantly relieved.

“A really well paced and exciting story. The characters are three dimensional and they grow, change and develop as the story progresses. The descriptions set up the feeling of alien lands nicely and the story gets into the action straight away. It hooks the reader immediately and keeps them hooked until the end.”

“Well written, in a very popular style. Its pace and interest grab is immediate.”

“I really like this one. I expected the usual swords-and-sorcery-type fare, but was pleasantly surprised by the combination of fantasy and sci-fi. The narrative moves along swiftly without bamboozling with too much information, and the dialogue is excellent. The endorsement is absolutely spot on – this guy does know how to write.”

So relieved and excited to read these comments, and couldn’t wait to share.


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