My first short story now available to download (for free)!

I’m excited to announce that my first short story, Artan’s Night, is now available to download, and it’s FREE!


Artan is a young man with a secret. He has the ability to read people’s minds and hear their thoughts. Struggling to survive in a war-torn, poverty stricken town, he’s been using his newfound power to cheat in casinos; a game that soon backfires when he gets caught. But the worst is still to come. In the middle of the night, the town comes under seige by marauding Ha’shon warriors. Artan is forcibly taken from his home and led on a journey that will change his life – and the fate of his world – forever.

The story serves as a prelude to the upcoming novel Eladria, introducing readers to the world of Tahnadra, establishing the backstory and setting up various elements that will be expanded upon and resolved in the book.

Now available for free download!

Artan’s Night can now be downloaded in multiple formats (including Kindle, Epub, PDF, HTML and plain text) from Smashwords click here to download it now!

It will be available on Amazon and iBooks and other stores in the next week or so. Due to the specifications of these sellers I can’t guarantee it will be available for free in all stores, but it can still be downloaded for free in any format from Smashwords.

I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think. This is actually the first short story I’ve written since my school days! More to come, as well.


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