My Review of ‘The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy’ by Rohan Healy

7-things-cover-use-this-oneLast year I had the great privilege of seeing the Dalai Lama give a speech when he visited Scotland in June. The underlying theme of his talk was the basic human impulse to seek happiness and avoid pain. Human beings come in all shapes and sizes, with an enormous variation in culture, heritage, beliefs and lifestyles across the four corners of the Earth. I’m sure during his many years of travelling the Dalai Lama must have just about seen it all! Yet he is resolute that we are united in our deep-rooted desire to be happy; the underlying motivation behind all our behaviour. For all that we’re united by this core human drive, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that…well, we’re not very good at it! It’s something that should probably come naturally to us, but for many it doesn’t.

For anyone struggling to find a sense of happiness and peace in life, Rohan Healy’s book ‘The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely and Irreversibly Happy’ will likely be a big help. First of all it’s good to have a clear definition of ‘happy’. Rohan doesn’t mean an artificial smiley-smiley/smiling-through-the-pain/stifling-our-anger kind of happiness. I’ve seen people try that and it usually doesn’t work out too well for them because it’s forced and manufactured.

Instead Rohan defines happiness as “not so much a high, like exhilaration or bliss, but more like contentment, an overriding feeling of peace and ‘okay-ness'”. I like that. There will be moments of great joy and happiness, and also inevitable moments of sorrow and frustration, for that’s the nature of life. Rohan shares elements of his own journey which led him to eventually achieve a baseline state of peace, contentment and freedom — and one in which he rediscovered the innate happiness, freedom and authenticity that we all had as young children.

“The 7 Things” is a written in an accessible and engaging manner; Rohan’s style is friendly and conversational and he writes with honesty, openness and enthusiasm. He does a great job of sharing his own experiences and presenting his breakthroughs in a manner that is clear, concise and easy to grasp. And these aren’t just tools, tips and discoveries that worked for Rohan: they’ll surely work for anyone who adopts them in a clear and consistent manner.

I’ve always felt that a self help book is only as good as the person reading it. By that I mean that if it’s going to be of any help to you, you have to do more than just read it. You have to go back over it and take time to actually apply what you’ve learned. Otherwise you might get a quick fix of inspiration and upliftment as you read it, which is good, but it probably won’t having any last effect. So I’d invite you to read it and highlight as many bits as you need, to take notes and put the exercises into practise for yourself. Take my word for it, you’ll be glad you did!

This is the kind of stuff we should really be taught in school, but aren’t: how to deal with our thoughts, emotions and desires, how to overcome pain, trauma and stress, how to develop boundaries and be the best and most authentic version of ourselves we can be. Some of the information here was familiar to me, but a lot of it was new and I’ve found a number of things I’m going to put into practise myself.

“The 7 Things” should have widespread appeal and I have no hesitation in recommending it because there really is something to help everyone. It’s full of useful techniques for healing trauma and stress, overcoming unhelpful beliefs and mindsets, dealing with bullying and physical health issues and improving the quality of your relationships. There are also sections on understanding money (eye-opening stuff!) and dealing with debt and finally, coming at life from a state of abundance, overcoming our mindsets of lack and allowing more of the things we love to flow into our life.

As with any book of this type, some things will be of more interest and relevance to you than others, but I’m willing to bet you’ll find a great deal of food for thought and clear-cut ways of improving your approach to life, dealing with problems and reaching that much sought after baseline of happiness I spoke of. Rohan is a genuine and inspiring guy, and by sharing the methods he discovered for overhauling his life (or more specifically his approach to life), he’s given us a real gift.

You can purchase ‘The 7 Things’ via Amazon or Smashwords.

You can get 20% off the edition when you use this coupon code: ZE93N. The coupon expires on the 25th of January so best get it now!

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And if you haven’t already seen it, check out the awesome interview he gave for Beyond The Dream, which will give you a taster for some of what’s in the book!


7 thoughts on “My Review of ‘The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy’ by Rohan Healy”

  1. I loved Rohan’s book too. This is an excellent review, you’re a great writer. I agree, this stuff should be taught in schools, the world would definitely be a better place to live!

    1. Thanks Maryanne. In total agreement. The education system fails us in many ways, it tends to focus on making us productive little worker bees but doesn’t teach us how to be balanced, happy, functional human beings. Rohan’s book has so much that could help people, I think it’s needed now more than ever!

  2. Reblogged this on rohan7things and commented:
    A new review, this time from Rory of who I had the pleasure of being interviewed by just last week. Rory is a great guy who runs a fantastic blog for healing and inspiration!


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