“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist” — Rene-Francois-Ghislain Magritte

I’ve loved creating art since I was a young child. I enjoy painting in oils, watercolours and acrylic ink, although the past few years most of the work I’ve done has been digital. The two main series I’ve worked on since 2009 have been ‘Beyond the Form’ and ‘Inner Space.’ I used fractal generating software with photoshop to combine layers of digital images with my photography and paintings. I have a range of these digital works available to purchase online as limited edition prints from my website. Hope you will take a look.

I’m currently playing around with paint and canvas again, experimenting and seeking a brand new style and way of doing things. Something is waiting to emerge, but I’m not sure what…

Here are some pieces from the ‘Beyond The Form’ and ‘Inner Space’ series:

All the above images (and many more) are available to purchase as limited edition giclee prints.


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