HEY AGAIN! You’ve probably already noticed the social networking links along the top there. You can indeed find me, follow me, ‘like’ me or stalk me (in the nicest possible way I hope). Drop me a line anytime you like, it’s always really cool to hear from peeps.

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4 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Rory,
    just feel the need to thank you for all the things you have written. (Never done this before, on-line ……)

    Thank you !

    I started at Daily Tao, and then wandered along the different blogs and things…..

    You – and all of us – are the living paradox when we start on the road to discovering the real self.
    Stumbling and sometimes blundering, saying the most inconvenient things at the right moment, because we become inspired………

    You are inspiring, so good to have you around.
    (I like you, but wont ‘like’ you, am not part of that game.)

    The Tao NEVER gets boring. Every time it gives you something new. I do read it now for 30 years and it remains as fresh and inspiring as ever. Closest to divine intervention, if you let it happen!
    And the good thing is, when you grow older (67 now, this one) life becomes more and more fun and more exiting when we open up and get lighter, leaving behind the things that are not you.

    May-be I will follow you…….

    In Lak’ech,

    1. Hi Rolf,

      Thanks for the amazing message. Wonderful to hear from you, I really appreciate the words of support and encouragement. I started off writing stuff on my old Lucid Exposition blog which I didn’t think anyone ever read haha…I wasn’t even too bothered either, I never promoted it, I just kept it tucked away in its corner and guessed that if anyone was meant to read what I had to say, they would. It’s great to know that people have actually read and took something from it. I feel it’s been a real journey for me…one that’s taken all kinds of twists and turns. I intend to get back to writing soon, I have a lot to share, but I first want to be absolutely clear about it in myself before I write another word.

      The Tao is a living, breathing thing isn’t it. It’s alive somehow, those ancient words are never the same twice (even if they don’t change on the page, the interaction between subject and object always lends them new life, new insight and new understanding).

      Thanks again Rolf. Loved your message and appreciate the support


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